Get a new tub without the demo

Tub time: Get a new tub without having to rip out your old one

By Michel Roy


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Replacing a bathtub can be pretty complicated. In addition to the removal and disposal of the tub, there’s also the prospect of replacing adjacent flooring and walls, not to mention the tricky plumbing. You may want to avoid the hassle and mess of installing a new tub, or the existing tub may match the architectural style of your house. Also, not all bathroom makeovers need to be expensive, dramatic undertakings — sometimes, you simply need to spruce up an otherwise functional room. There are three options to consider when it comes to refinishing a tub.

DIY Epoxy Paint

Klenk’s makes a two-part epoxy refinishing kit for recoating tubs and other fixtures that you can get off the shelf at a hardware store. The Klenk’s kits can be applied with the included brush and a roller. There’s a bit of a time commitment. The tub should dry for a day after the initial prep work, and the mixed epoxy sits for an hour before use. There’s a 12-hour window for applying two to three coats. Finally, the tub cannot be used for five to seven days.

The upside to all of this is the relatively inexpensive cost; a Klenk’s kit costs around $40.

By thinning with lacquer thinner, Klenk’s can be sprayed, if you’re set up for that, which improve your chances of getting a smooth finish. But don’t neglect safety when you spray highly inflammable material inside the house.

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