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Ring holder

Workshops are very similar to kitchens: both rooms house limited tool collections and woodworkers and chefs alike must improvise if key tools are missing. This project is a great example of this maxim. Don't have a lathe? No...

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Restoration Workshop: Wood bleach

There are times when stripping a piece of furniture reveals hidden and not-so-marvelous details about construction, the work habits of the original craftsman, or the uses and abuses of past generations of repairmen and owners....

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Restoration Workshop: Darkening wood

Fuming with ammonia is a technique used primarily by furniture builders. The process of changing the colour of wood by exposing it to ammonia fumes can give wood a rich hearty tone that is almost impossible to duplicate with...

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Repairing damaged veneers

I remember an incident between my two older brothers during which a skate was thrown (don't ask). Fortunately enough, the intended target dodged the sharpened footwear in time, but the skate hit the wooden bifold door that led to...

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Milk paint finish

There is nothing in this world that quite makes my day like learning a trade secret or technique that allows me to make my own gizmo, tool, or whatever, saving me the expense of "store bought." Maybe I'm cheap (I don't really...

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Restoration Workshop: Padding the truth

The most popular technique for applying shellac is French polishing, or padding, and it is this method I will devote the bulk of this space to. Shellac is available in liquid form in most hardware stores and has a shelf life of...

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