Three products to make putting up drywall easier

Try these DIY tools and materials for your next project

By Michel Roy

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After the boards are up, the seams need tape and mud. When you sand the mud, there’s the pervasive, ultra-fine drywall compound dust, which, despite your best efforts, always seems to migrate throughout your palace. I tried CGC’s Dust Control Drywall Compound and was amazed by how the particles that result from sanding bind together into clumps heavier than regular drywall compound. The clamps, then, fall more readily to the ground rather than float around in the air. The results were really impressive. After sanding a spot on the ceiling, for example, within about 10 seconds there were no visible particles floating around. You still have to tape off those doorways and wear a mask, but immediately after a heavy sanding session, you’re left with a floor covered in drywall dust, which is pretty easy to clean up with a vacuum and a fine-filter bag. $9/6 kg.

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