Three products to make putting up drywall easier

Try these DIY tools and materials for your next project

By Michel Roy

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To make the process of sanding a little smoother, I recently set myself up with a sanding system from Full Circle International that greatly simplifies smoothing out the compound. The heart of the system is the Radius 360 degree Sanding Head. Its large, foam-backed circular sanding pads do an excellent job of rapidly smoothing taped joints, feathering the edges with virtually no effort. The circular shape is also resistant to flipping over, which often gouges the mud you’re trying to smooth. The manufacturer refers to the round head as the roller, for broad expanses, and they supply a more traditional-looking rectangular sanding head (Flex Edge), which is called the brush, for working in corners. Both the rectangular sanding head and the circular one use proprietary, ready-to-use hook-and-loop-backed abrasives, which offer a wide array of sanding options. The abrasives are high-quality, durable and resistant to clogging-and they’re easily cleaned to extend their useful life. All in all, I was very impressed with this system. $37 (Radius 360?), $37 (Flex Head), $10 (10 pack of sanding discs).


For more information, visit or call 866-675-2401.


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