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House makeover, inside edition: More demolition

By Ryan Shervill August 31st, 2011

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Today was more demolition…..but a *little* construction. Earlier I said that there are things you can do to make living through a renovation a little easier….and if it’s a kitchen reno, your first priority should be a sink. Microwaves and stoves can be moved around, as can a fridge, and while it can be a little inconvenient it is doable.…but doing dishes in a bathroom? That’s just not civilized!

So the first order of business was rigging up a quick-detach sink. I re-used the old sink in a frame of 1X3’s, and hooked up the supply lines and drain in such a way they could be easily removed for work on the walls where it was located.

Not exactly fine woodworking, but it is a lifesaver:

With the sink hooked up, it was time to start taking more stuff down….you’ll notice the house is relatively clean…..this is tip #2. Taking a half hour at the end of the day to clean up helps keep everybody sane and reduces the amount of dirt that gets tracked into the parts of the house that you are still using. By the way: I still have that ceiling fan if anybody wants it….works great.

Speaking of that fan, it came down as did the old track lighting

And then the remaining insulation and drywall…..lots of fun.

That’s enough for one day…..time to clean up. Tomorrow is going to be all about the thousands of nails still left sticking out of the studs from the T&G, but thankfully I have a friends nephew named KJ coming to help pull nails. With any luck we can start pulling up floors as well.

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