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House makeover, inside edition: Demolition goes hardcore

By Ryan Shervill August 29th, 2011

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First thing in the morning Simcoe Disposal dropped off the bin. A bin is an absolute must when taking on a demolition this big….otherwise I would have spent the better part of my days driving back and forth to the dump with my trailer. A note: Always go bigger than you’ll think you need. I was sure a 10 yard bin would be plenty….as you’ll see later, it was a good thing he brought me the 14 yard bin “just to be safe.”

The bin comes in on a Tilt N Load truck, and is set down on protective planks to prevent marking up the driveway (They bring the planks)

The cost was around 200 bucks….WELL worth it, both in saved labour and convenience (didn’t even have to leave the deck to put stuff in the bin)

No affiliation (other than being a happy customer), but if you need a bin, here’s their info:

The drywall came off the ceilings

And the walls

The kitchen “cabinets” came out with surgical like precision, being extra careful not to harm them.

And then the rest of the cedar came off of the kitchen walls, and the rest of the day was spent cleaning up and preparing for more destruction in the AM.

Demolition is fun. Dirty work for sure, but breaking stuff is a great way to relieve stress.

Thanks for looking, more tomorrow!


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