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Little Old Lady Moves a House

By May 26th, 2009

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You think you got a bit project on your hands? It’s probably nothing compared to this impressive story:

For a labour of love, it was the DIY job of the century. Brick by brick, the gutsy little old lady demolished her precious home, pulling each medieval nail from its ancient oak beam.  For May Savidge was determined to beat developers and planners who threatened to crush her historic cottage under a road-building project.

Long before conservation became fashionable, she decided to move her home lock, stock and barrel from busy Ware High Street in Hertfordshire to a Norfolk backwater 100 miles away.  And move it she did, in a 23-year labour of love, during which she battled the authorities, deathwatch beetles, rats and her failing health, accompanied only by her faithful dog, Sasha.


Yeah? Well, I repaired a dodgy patio umbrella this past weekend…Who am I kidding? I got nothing on that. You?

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