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The CHW Media Challenge

By February 27th, 2009

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Each year, we ask members of the media to come to the show to build a project each. But these folks aren’t building in Project Workshop for the fun of it. It’s a judged competition. The prize: money that goes to the winner’s favourite charity. Here’s how things went this year:

First Place
Ramsin Khachi (Citytv)
Charity: Make A Wish Foundation

Second Place
Roger Wardell (Rogers TV)
Charity: Community Living, Mississauga

Third Place
Pooja Handa (CP24)
Charity: Baycrest

Fourth Place
Ben Kaplan (National Post)
Charity: MS

Thanks to all the participants. It was great fun. Just so you know, each contestant had some guidance from one of our CHW volunteers, who make these interactive areas possible. Don Fisher, who has been volunteering at the show for eight years, is the man to have during the media challenge. Last year, he helped on the winning project. This year, he was key in Roger’s second place finish. Nice going Don.

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