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By Matthew Pioro April 23rd, 2012

Grip Tip

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Here are CHW HQ we see quite a few new tools and products that should help you around the shop or the house. Most are top-notch. Others, not so much. An example of the latter are Grip Tips, which landed on my desk a few weeks ago. They address a problem I didn’t know I had: a slippery tape-measure hook. One of these grips, with its serrated edge, will chomp onto whatever you need your tape-measure hook to hold on to.

From a fictitious problem, we come to a non-solution. The hype on the packaging says the grip is easy to attach. Nope. (See photo below.) Secondly, you know how the hook on your tape measure has some play? It’s supposed to do that. That play accounts the thickness of the hook when measuring, say, from the outside edges of a board or the inside edges of a box. With the added material of the Grip Tip, the margin of error for a measurement grows.

Sorry, Grip Tip. No thanks.

Tip of a Grip Tip

Are you saying my tape measure's hook is fat?

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