Matthew Pioro

I'm the managing editor of Canadian Home Workshop magazine. I'm a sucker for Arts and Crafts furniture, as well as the smooth, clean lines of the Modernist styles. Give me an impact driver over a drill. And, no, I'd rather not do that mudding-and-taping job.

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Bryan Baeumler knows best

On Bryan Baeumler’s show, Leave It to Bryan, the star contractor spent a season not giving homeowners the renovations they wanted but the renos they needed. “Most homeowners know what they need, but they are focused on what...

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Ditch the tape measure

Relying too heavily on a tape measure can actually make your projects more inaccurate. Go ahead. Mark 1" with a tape and pencil. Do it again. And again. It doesn’t matter how steady your hand is; there will be a slight...

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5 things you should NOT do in the shop

You treat sharp, spinning blades and bits with respect. As a woodworker, that practice just comes with the territory. You take precautions to make sure you remain safe while building and follow conventional shop wisdom. But some...

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Master Lock integrated cable lock

A few months ago, a thief broke into my storage locker and made off with $400.00 worth of tools. Now, I hope a similar thing never happens to you, but if you have had tools taken, you'll know that it stings more than losing a...

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DeWalt pliers pack

Some tools just appear in your toolbox. I feel that was the case with my first pairs of diagonal, long-nose and linesman pliers. They were probably hand-me-downs. They worked OK. The diagonal could cut cable, but it wasn't the...

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George Gouldburn, 1928–2012

It is with much sadness that I announce that our Mystery Tool columnist, George Gouldburn, passed away last night. He was diagnosed with lung cancer early last month and succumbed yesterday. He was 83. My sympathies, and those of...

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Please, walk on me

I visited our photographer and newly minted renovator Juan Luna this morning to see how his house was coming along. (You'll recall that one of his projects was the renovation of his mini-bathroom.) He took me on a tour of the...

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No one needs this

Here are CHW HQ we see quite a few new tools and products that should help you around the shop or the house. Most are top-notch. Others, not so much. An example of the latter are Grip Tips, which landed on my desk a few weeks ago....

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New Stanley power tools

The big news in Toolsville: hand-tool heavy-hitter Stanley now has a power-tool line. Really, this development shouldn't be much of a surprise after we saw DeWalt, Stanley's sibling company, come out with hand tools last...

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