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6. Furniture Styles

By Matthew Pioro March 25th, 2011

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In our March 2011 issue of Canadian Home Workshop (on newsstands now), we have an article called “50 Things Every Handyman Should Know.” Item No. 6 in that list is furniture styles.

With woodworking, we often emphasis the technical part of the craft–how to cut this and join that. But to raise your woodworking game, you need to gain some insight into the art of woodworking. Now, I’m not saying you should strive to be Michael C. Fortune, but learning the features of different styles, such as Shaker or Mission, will allow you to bring a bit more artistry and proportion to your own works. Below are some glimpses at three furniture styles, to whet your appetite.


Credit: Roger Yip


Ukrainian furniture from Western Canada is a peasant baroque style. It features curvilinear forms with multi-coloured finishes.

Credit: Roger Yip


Shaker furniture is known for its study construction with a lack of ornamentation.

Credit: Roger Yip


Mission furniture emphasizes wood grain and visible joinery.

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