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Wayback Woodworking: Ottoman for Outdoors?

By Matthew Pioro March 4th, 2011

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Could plans for this ottoman be modified for an outdoor stool?

You know how I know that spring is not too far away? Two reasons: here at CHW we are working on our annual deck issue and readers are asking me about outdoor projects. Last week, I got a note from reader Robert Shannon. He was wondering if we had ever run a project for an foot stool that would complement a Muskoka (or Adirondack) chair. I dug through the archives and, well, came up empty handed. So, I improvised.

I found a plan for an ottoman from our June 1984 issue. (Download part 1 and part 2.) It’s a beautiful piece made of black walnut and it has rounded legs. Great for the living room, but not exactly right for the deck or backyard. But the ottoman, without its cushion looks quite “slat-y” in a way that would work with a Muskoka chair. If Robert forgets the cushion, uses cedar, leaves the stock fairly square and adjusts the spacing of the stool slats, he may have a just the thing for propping up his legs on the patio.

What do you think? How might you change this project to make it outdoor ready?

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