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Book Review: New Masters of the Wooden Box

By Matthew Pioro November 13th, 2009

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Relationships by Michael Hosaluk. Credit: Fox Chapel Publishing










Now, don’t get hung up on the traditional image of a box: you know, five sides and a lid. The 34 craftsmen and women featured in New Masters of the Wooden Box sure aren’t limited to a “boxy” box. Take Saskatchewan native Michael Hosaluk’s shrimp-like boxes made from Australian jara and Canadian maple (above, left). They are more works of art than containers.

Yellow Cactus Chair by Michael Hosaluk. Credit: Fox Chapel Publishing



In fact, most of the boxes in this book are on the fanciful/artistic side of things, as opposed to the practical/craftsman side. But these artsy boxes are introductions to other stunning works, such as Hosaluk’s

Yellow Cactus Chair (above, right) and Scribble, a maple bowl decorated with acrylic paint. These both show a level of creativity and construction beyond usual project plans.

And why not travel to the outer reaches of woodworking? There’s probably some inspiration out there that you can bring back.




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