Matthew Pioro

I'm the managing editor of Canadian Home Workshop magazine. I'm a sucker for Arts and Crafts furniture, as well as the smooth, clean lines of the Modernist styles. Give me an impact driver over a drill. And, no, I'd rather not do that mudding-and-taping job.

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Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Episode 7 recap

This is it. The big finale. One of the four contestants will be crowned Canada's handiest. If I had to pick one...well, I couldn't. I think it will be either Mark or Brad. Both have been fairly consistent throughout the...

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Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Episode 6 recap

Wow. This episode is packed with revelations, missed opportunities and a lot of drama. The remaining six contestants continue the handy showdown in Steel Town. It seems with so few people in the game, the handy folks are under...

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Bathroom demolition tips

Our photographer, Juan Luna, bought an old house with a bathroom so small you have to step outside to change your mind. Today, he and his contractor Dom, are tearing that thing down. The plan will be to move the wall that the...

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Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Episode 5 recap

The second round of Canada’s Handyman Challenge will see the elimination of two more contestants, bringing the pool from eight to six. Last week, four went home: Normand, East Coast Todd, Carl and Kyle. Before the show,...

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Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Episode 4 recap

After combing Vancouver, Halifax and Toronto for handy folks, the judges of Canada’s Handyman Challenge have their top 12 contestants. This episode finds the competition in Hamilton and, at the end of the hour, four people will...

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Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Episode 3 recap

OK, sports fans, it’s time for the last stop in the country-wide search for 12 finalists. The folks from Canada’s Handyman Challenge have hit Vancouver and Halifax, and now they are in Toronto. The Big Smoke brought close to...

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Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Episode 2 recap

After last week’s episode in Vancouver, the host and judges are in Halifax to find the East Coast’s top four handymen. As with the West Coast competition, the Halifax event started with a group of approximately 50 folks...

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Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Episode 1 recap

Canada’s Handyman Challenge—it’s a search for the country’s handiest person. The judges for this contest are well known to anyone who’s ever lingered on HGTV: Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler and Scott McGillivray. Helping...

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The Wise Men of Canada’s Handyman Challenge

Mike Holmes, Scott McGillivray and Bryan Baeumler—they've been called the three wise men of home renovations. So, when I met with these makeover magi this past summer on the set of Canada's Handyman Challenge, I thought I'd...

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Is your level level?

You know that level you bought 10 years ago? Well, it may not be so level. It's true that the instrument used for testing for true can become inaccurate. The level doesn't necessarily have to get backed over by your half-ton...

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