Matthew Pioro

I'm the managing editor of Canadian Home Workshop magazine. I'm a sucker for Arts and Crafts furniture, as well as the smooth, clean lines of the Modernist styles. Give me an impact driver over a drill. And, no, I'd rather not do that mudding-and-taping job.

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

Handy Tool or Spy Gear?

Inspection and detection tools are looking more and more like stuff out of Q’s lab.                 For its second generation of inspection camera, Ridgid has come out with the...

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Salvaging Tips

I spoke with Gordie Wornoff today. He’s a carpenter and freecycler. On September 14, you’ll be able to watch him and six others convert an old loft into a high-end live/work space with found materials only. The show is aptly...

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Bernzomatic Tigger-Start Hose Torch

File this one under “What took took them so long to figure this out?” Bernzomatic’s trigger-start hose torch gets the flame away from the tank and makes things a lot more manoeuvrable. I mean, you’ve been there too, right?...

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Win a Weekend in the Shop with Ryan Shervill

One of the disadvantages of working at CHW is that you can’t enter CHW contests. And I really wish I could enter this one. But you, you lucky CHW reader, can enter to win a weekend in the workshop with our master craftsman Ryan...

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Tool Racing

Everywhere I look, people are finding extracurricular uses for their tools. And by “extracurricular,” I mean “racing.” A few weeks ago, when I was hanging out with the Tool Group of Canada, they were racing tape measures....

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CHW on Manitoulin Island

I had the best commute to work this morning. Steve Maxwell, CHW’s technical editor, towed the whole CHW crew through the woods using his 56-year-old tractor. The destination was a gorgeous piece of shore on Lake Huron. And this...

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DeWalt behind Hockey in Hamilton

Tonight’s final game in the Stanley Cup playoffs may mark the end of hockey season, but next Friday, June 19 is another notable date for fans of our national sport. Research In Motion Ltd.’s CEO Jim Balsillie and his...

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Tour of the Roxul Insulation Plant

I was at the Roxul insulation plant in Milton, Ont., yesterday. Curiosity brought me there. It wasn’t curiosity for the ribbon cutting for the $150-million facility or hearing Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty speak, however. I...

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Welcome to the Shop Hack Blog

Let me tell you why I’m very excited about this blog. For each issue of Canadian Home Workshop, we gather together the best stories, projects and reviews. Sometimes the tough part about this process is deciding what’s in and...

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