Matthew Pioro

I'm the managing editor of Canadian Home Workshop magazine. I'm a sucker for Arts and Crafts furniture, as well as the smooth, clean lines of the Modernist styles. Give me an impact driver over a drill. And, no, I'd rather not do that mudding-and-taping job.

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

As the Show Turns

It’s late on Sunday night, the sawdust seems to have settled and the tools are all packed up. The Canadian Home Workshop Show is over. In the Woodworking 101 interactive area, showgoers built 285 wine racks designed by Jennifer...

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Highlights from the Canadian Home Workshop Show

Check these snaps from Friday and today. There’s more of this tomorrow. Come down.              

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Music for the Shop

I’m trying to get a shop-appropriate playlist together and I’m hoping you can help me fill it out. Here’s what I have so far: “If I Were a Carpenter,” Tim Hardin “Norwegian Wood,” The Beatles “If I Had a...

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Contest: The Handiest Places in Canada

The Winter 2010 issue of CHW should be in your hands soon (sooner for subscribers). And when do you get the issue, you will see this map of Canada with some of the handiest places in the country. Biscuit Point, Drill Lake, Hammer...

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The Pros and Cons of Cheap Tools and Accessories

                    We all like a good deal, but lately, there’s been a greater examination of the true price we pay for inexpensive items. On a global scale, you...

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Know your Local Tool Store

Here at CHW, we often get the inside scoop on tools directly from the folks that make them. But we, as I’m sure most of you do too, still get get a lot of information from your nearest tool shop. The store that is literally...

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Three Small Essentials for your Shop

Our technical editor Steve Maxwell has put out a video on three small tools that are indispensable in his shop. Three Shop Essentials What tools do you have that punch above their weight?

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Low-flow Faucets

If you have an old kitchen faucet, that piece of hardware could be letting water through at 20 to 50 l/minute. Sure, we all like the classics, but that dinosaur has to go. I mean, that kind of faucet doesn’t meet today’s...

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Book Review: New Masters of the Wooden Box

                    Now, don’t get hung up on the traditional image of a box: you know, five sides and a lid. The 34 craftsmen and women featured in New Masters of...

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DIY Network in Canada

Almost 10 years after the DIY Network launched in the Untied States, the station for handy folks has made it to Canada. Now, just less than a month old, the DIY Network Canada (you know it’s Canadian because there’s a maple...

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