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New Stanley Screwdrivers

By April 6th, 2009

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Stanley Push-n-Pick multi-bit screwdriver











Two new Stanley screwdrivers are now in my hands. The FatMax ratcheting multi-bit screwdriver, which comes with six bits, has a three-position ratchet that can ease the strain on your wrists. The Push-n-Pick comes with seven bits that are stored in the handle. When you need to switch from the Phillips to the Robertson (because you are probably replacing that silly Phillips with a better screw), you push the one bit into the handle, and out pops the other. This arrangement should keep you from misplacing your bits.


Stanley FatMax multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver

If I had to pick just one of these screwdrivers, I’d go with the Push-n-Pick. I like the speedy change and the ability to chuck the bits into my drill. Yes, I’m all about the speed. I have other tools to check out!


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