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Stanley Works and Black & Decker: The First Mega-Tool Company

By Matthew Pioro November 3rd, 2009

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Stanley’s new sweetheart isn’t just its block plane, but a Maryland-based maker of power tools. Yesterday, Stanley Works announced that it would buy Black & Decker. This deal will create “the largest U.S. tool maker.” Stanley Works includes such brands as FatMax, Bostitch and Mac Tools.

Black & Decker includes a whole slew of names such as Porter-Cable, Delta, DeWalt and Kwikset. Does this mean there’s a FatMax Xtreme Unisaw around the corner? What other bizarre progeny can come out of this union? Post your comments below and the commenter with the funniest combination wins a set of Porter-Cable trading cards and a Porter-Cable pen with USB stick. These things could be collectors items someday.

The new FatMax Xtreme Unisaw?


For more on the merger, visit Stanley Black & Decker.

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